2016 New addition of 1,000 copies of Children Bible of H. van Dam
2015 Start support new church of Rev Parthee in Mullaithevu
2014 Start of Theology training in Vavunya for pastors and church workers by Rev Parthee  
  Preparation for new edition for the Children Bible of H. van Dam
2013 Opening new community hall and day care center in Nagapuram
  Printing and distribution of books of J.C. Ryle, Church History and more
2012 New Website
  Start building community hall in Nagapuram 
  Start library in Murokkodanchenai and Nagapuram
  Start partnership on Sri Lanka with Rev Parthee of the Reformed Protestant Mission in Vavunya 
2010 Start Community Development project in Nagapuram
  Termination relationship with Rev Jeyanesan and the Church of American Ceylon Mission (CACM)
  (See below for explanation)
2008 Distribution fourth edition Children’s Bible of H. van Dam in Tamil
  Opening Library and Science Lab for John’s Academy
  Opening Community Hall in Murokkodanchenai
2007 Relief Support to victims of the restarted civil war
  Start translation of the 4 books of the serial “Come Children” of Mrs. Hartingsveldt-Moree
  Distribution third edition Children's Bible of H. van Dam in Tamil
  Opening of the new building of John’s Academy in Batticaloa
2006 Start Project for Disabled Children
  Start Christian English Medium School
  Distribution second edition Children’s Bible H. van Dam in Tamil
  Start Community Development Project Murokkodanchennai
  Relief Support to victims of the restarted civil war
2005 Tsunami Disaster Relief
  Rebuilding Girls Orphanage, Pastors House and Day Care Center
  Rebuilding houses of church members
  Continuation of Bible Distribution
  Distribution first edition Children's Bible of H. van Dam in Tamil
  Start Medical Centre
2004 First Theology Workshop for Church, VTC and Homes leaders
  Start translation of Children's Bible of H. van Dam into Tamil
  Opening Boys Orphanage “Boys Home Samuel”
  Opening Church on compound “Boys Home Samuel”
2003 Start of building of the boys orphanage “Boys Home Samuel”
  Establishing of the Ceylon Christian Care Foundation
  Start Widows Project
  Start Day Care Center
  Start Bible Distribution
2000 Start en opening of the girls orphanage “Herman’s Girls Home”





Termination relationship Rev Jeyanesan and the CACM church

From 2000 till 2010 Ceylon Christian Care have worked closely together with Rev Jeyanesan of the CACM church on Sri Lanka. During these years many projects were initialized and realized.


However in 2009 we were confronted with the news that Rev Jeyanesan was arrested and put into detention. We were informed that this was based on sexual harassment. In the months after we learned that 4 ladies filed a case against Rev Jeyanesan. Several ladies shared there own experience with us and told what happenend to others. Also a board member of the CACM church confirmed to us that the allegations were true. 


What we also came to know was that Rev Jeyanesan was living in great wealth with properties in Colombo (Sri Lanka), Toronto (Canada) and London (UK). Rev Jeyanesan who comes from a laborers family and who has served his whole working live as a pastor was not willing to give insight were the money came from. Personally we suspect that money donated after the Tsunami in 2004 for relief support and other donations have end up in his personal account.


Discussions with the board of the CACM church learned that they were not willing to terminate their relationship with Rev Jeyanesan. In Feb 2010 Rev Jeyanesan was elected again on crusial positions in several boards of the church. People infomed us also that Rev Jeyanesan donated large amounts of money to the CACM church which were illegal taken from relief donations and which were kept by the church outside the bookkeeping. After several discussions without result we were finally left with no other option than to terminate the relationship with the CACM church.


After this termination Rev Jeyanesan took away all the money from the accounts of Ceylon Christian Care and other donors. He also took the administration with him. Even after several requests we have still not received back the administration. 


Beside Ceylon Christian Care also Word & Deed (The Netherlands) and Kinder Nothilfe (Germany) terminated their relationship with Rev Jeyanesan and the CACM church.