The board of the Ceylon Christian Care foundation has the developed a strategy which contains the following main points:

Focus on one country 

The activities of the Ceylon Christian Care Foundation are focused on Sri Lanka, and especially on the Tamil area around Batticaloa (city on the East coast of Sri Lanka).  The benefit of having all projects in one area is that maximum efficiency can be reached.


Focus on the poor and needy people

The projects are focused on people who are in a “behind” position, with a special focus on orphans and widows.


Durable relief to make people independent

The focus of the projects is to help people in such a way that they can generate their own income and starts a normal independent life.


Attention for the material and spiritual needs

The Ceylon Christian Care Foundation does for its projects not only look at the material distress but also at the spiritual needs.  Attention is paid to Bible distribution and Bible teaching.


Locals execute projects

Local people under the responsibility of local organizations manage the projects. When required specialized support is organized from Europe or North America. However it has our preference to make as much as possible use of local knowledge and experience.


Business-wise approach

All activities are approached in a business manner. Decisions are taken quick, the communication lines are short and due to frequent visits and contact with the responsible people the mutual involvement from both sides is high.


No overhead

The Ceylon Christian Care Foundations has almost no overhead. All people involved do the activities in their private time without being paid for that.



The Ceylon Christian Care Foundation strives to be fully transparent about the spending of money received by donations. Financial details will be published on this website.


Committed companies or business people

The financial resources of the Ceylon Christian Care Foundation do mainly come from companies or business people who felt the responsibility to help their distant neighbor and attach importance to be personally involved in the execution of the projects. They underwrite the fundamentals and goals of the Ceylon Christian Care Foundation and have committed themselves to support their projects for a long period.    


One to one relation between sponsor and projects

Every project of the Ceylon Christian Care Foundation has a direct relation with an individual sponsor. The sponsor commits himself to his project(s) for several years. Normally this is a period between 10-15 years. Commitments vary between 5.000 to 50.000 Euro pro annum.


Maximum cooperation with existing organizations

The Ceylon Christian Care Foundation likes to work where possible together with other already existing specialized aid-organizations.