Community Development

Ceylon Christian Care has Community Development projects in the following villages on Sri Lanka:
-  Murokkodanchenai 

-  Nagapuram

What is Community Development

Community Development Projects focus on villages with people who have not yet climbed on the first step of the “Development Ladder”. All the money these people earn is used to survive and they do not come any further. In general these are the people who have an average income per head less than 1 US$/day.

Example 1: Income per person per day

A family exists of a husband, wife and 5 children (7 people). If the man is the only person who generates income and he earns 3 US$/day than the average income is 3/7 is 0.43 US$ per person per day. Actually this is not enough to purchase food for one single day.

The reason that these people do not come up in life is not that they are lazy. In general these people work hard and make long days. However, they are trapped in a situation they are not able to come out of without help.

Example 2: The fisherman

Many fishermen have to take a loan to purchase a new net. However, the person who gave them the loan did it under the condition that as long the money is not paid back the fish has to be sold to him. Unfortunately the money supplier pays below the market value. We met fisherman who earned 50 to 100 SRp (0.5 to 1 US$) per day.

Example 3: The day laborer on the rice fields

In the rural areas people hire themselves out as day laborers on the rice fields (the paddies). They earn for this work 100-300 SRp (1-3 US$) per day. Often they are not paid in cash but in kind (in rice).  However, this is seasonal work. During the harvest time they can work 7 days a week. The other part of the year the work on the rice fields is limited to 1-3 days a week.

The goal of the Community Development Projects is to help the above mentioned people. To break the hopeless spiral they are in. Every projects start with an analysis of the situation. Standard focus points for every analysis are:

-  Water, Sanitation and Hygiene
-  Nutrition and Health Care
-  Education
-  Infrastructure
-  Income Development

After having analyzed these points a plan is made. This plan is unique for every village.

For more information about community development, please look also at the website:

Day laborers working on the paddy fields (rice fields) - Income 1-3 US$/day