If we look at the history and development of the different countries in the world then we see that good education is the basis for a better future of the individual people and the country. 
Because of this, education is a key point in the work of Ceylon Christian Care.

Primary Education  

In the Tamil area all children have the possibility to go to school. However, the quality of education often is poor. All schools are government schools. They do not get enough funding to be able to provide quality education. There is no money to invest in good education materials, often the school buildings are overflowing, and the quality of teachers seems mediocre at best. The Sri Lankan school system is such that all students, no matter how intelligent, from age 6 till age 17 all get the same educational program. There is no differentiation depending on levels of students, and all students invariably make it to the next grade, no matter how poor their results are.

Although in principle the government schools are supposed to be religion independent, in reality nearly all teachers and staff are Hindu’s, and this becomes apparent in many ways. School books often refer to elements of Hinduism. Hindu gods are painted in the walls.

We observed that many children on the age of 17 year leave the school without a diploma. The reason is that the exam materials are developed in Colombo, the capital. However, the education level in the Tamil area does not teach the children up to the level required for these exams.

Education in Murokkodanchennai    Concentration

Vocational Training
The teaching system on Sri Lanka has no state organized Secondary job oriented studies, like technical, social and health care studies, etc. These kinds of training are provided by different organizations on Sri Lanka.
Ceylon Christian Care also provides different kinds of vocational training in the village it is active in. 

Sewing Training   Electric Wiring

Micro Credits

The youth who has finished a vocational training with good results get the opportunity to receive a small loan (micro credit) to purchase tools or a sewing machine. This loan they can pay back in 1 to 3 years time (depends of the size of the loan).

With these tools or sewing machne they can start working and earning money for themselves and their families. Almost 100% of al students make use of this opportunity. We have good results with the paybacks of the loans.

Evert hands over a sewing machine   A boy gets a bag with tools to start work