Orphan Care

As a result of 25 years of civil war and the tsunami in 2004 Sri Lanka has a high number of orphan children. These children lost both or one of their parents. Ceylon Christian Care gives support to many of these children.

The support is family based. This means that a child stays with its family and that Ceylon Christian Care gives support to that family. The advantage of this approach is that children continue to stay in their family network.

The field workers of Ceylon Christian Care regularly visit the children and their family. Each field worker has his own children he cares for. Each week he visits the families and looks how things go. He also decides the best way the support can be given to the caring family. With money or in kind (food, clothes, paying school fees, etc).

The fieldworkers also stays in contact with the schools. They check if children go to school and if they study well.


A widow before her hut with her two children