Ceylon Christian Care

Ceylon Christian Care is a Dutch charity foundation dedicated to supporting poor and destitute people in the Tamil area of Sri Lanka. This area of Sri Lanka has been involved in a devastating civil war that lasted for more than 25 years and killed about 100,000 people. In April 2009 this war came to an end.

Ceylon Christian Care was founded in 2003 and is involved in a variety of projects, which are mostly focused on orphans, of  hich there are thousands in this area, and widows. Examples of projects include community development, vocational training, day care for young and disabled children and education support. All projects are located on the east coast of Sri Lanka around the city Batticaloa.

The Tsunami at the end of 2004 caused a major acceleration of the activities of Ceylon Christian Care. Because Ceylon Christian Care was one of the very few organizations that was already active in the area when the Tsunami occurred, major relief support programs were started immediately, also with help of partner organizations such as Word and Deed.