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Project Locations
Below is the map of Sri Lanka shown. The Tamil people in the north and on the east coast of Sri Lanka.
The red dots mark the places where Ceylon Christian Care has its projects.

The airport is located just north of the capital Colombo. Traveling from the airport to Batticaloa on the east coast - a trip of approximately 300 km - takes 8 hours.

Living on the east coast of Sri Lanka
Many people live under poor to extremely poor circumstances. Outside the cities most people work as laborers in fishing and agriculture (rice fields). Income per day is often less than 100 SRp (1 US$) per day.

Fishing is team work. Many family members work together. A team in a boat, and other people with the nets on the beach. Altogether 30-50 people. The number of fishes per catch is often just one basket.  The fish is caught in the morning and sold immediately after in the street. 

The fisherman of Periyaneelavanai 


Inland many people work as day laborers on the rice fields (paddies). The employment depends on the season. Outside the harvest season there is less employment. The work is carried out by both men and women. Average income per day is between 100 and 300 SRp. However the laborers are often paid in kind (rice) in stead of cash.

Planting rice 

Woman harvesting rice

Removing the chaff from the rice